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2.2.10 slink disks

As I this is written an upload of slink installation disks using the
2.2.10 kernel is being uploaded to opensource.captech.com in the
/captech/disks/slink/2.2.10 directory

These are TEST disks, you are welcome to TEST them. There was some SCSI
support and other less popular options removed because of the size of the
2.2.10 kernel.

In the next few days I will be adding some more sets that have much more
support but are more specialized. There will be a no-scsi set that has a
lot of network and other peripheral options, a no-ide set that does much
the same for SCSI. More will follow including an SMP 2.2.10 install set. I
have tested this all here and it appears to work. 

Of note is that these disks support things like Advansys and Initio disk
controllers as well as providing much better support for the NetGear
network cards.

Also, the base disks include some things from potato recompiled for slink.
The naming convention for some of these packages will change shortly so be
careful.  Right now I am using
but that is likely to change to

Basicly, this will not affect the majority of you so don't worry about it.

In any case, I am interested in any feedback or particular device support
you might want. I can build a new set in a short period of time.

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