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Re: Network addressing

>>>>> "Kaa" == \[ Kaa \] <Kaa> writes:

    Kaa> I have two machines plugged into a cable modem. Both have IP
    Kaa> addresses provided by the ISP. One is 24.6.xxx.xxx, and the
    Kaa> other is 24.5.xxx.xxx. [...] However the ISP says that the
    Kaa> netmask for these addresses should be [...]

    Kaa> So, my question is: can I simply set the netmask to
    Kaa> on both of them and put appropriate entries into the
    Kaa> /etc/hosts file? Is this likely to break anything?

Yes, they should then be able to talk to each other, but it will
probably break talking to any other hosts in 24.x.x.x that are not on
your physical network (unless there is a gateway doing proxy arp for

A better solution would probably be to leave the netmask as it is, but
set up a route on each machine telling it how to reach the other
machine, something like

route add -host other_machines_name gw this_machines_name

on each machine should work. Add this to /etc/init.d/network, or
wherever you keep that stuff.

    Kaa> And a semi-related question: on a pure Win98 machine, how do
    Kaa> you find out the Ethernet address of the NIC card? [...]

Personally, I ping it from a linux box and look at the arp cache with
"arp -an". But that's just me. :-)
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