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Re: Netscape crashing -- a lot.

Marek Habersack wrote:
> * Philip Lehman said:
> > >> I had that problem, the fix (for me at least) was deleteing my ~/.netscape
> > >> Dunno why, but somthing get corupted.
> > >
> > >Hmmm... this is the first suggestion that has worked for me! i still get
> > >bus errors trying to login to dhs.org, but i haven't gotten it to crash on
> > >closing a window yet.
> >
> > I just tried that from a new user account and had no problems crashing
> I tried it as well but, alas, it helped only partially. The problem I have
> is as follows:
> 1. Open Netscape Navigator (not Communicator) 4.x and load any page which
>    requires authentication.
> 2. Type your login and password and tap OK
> 3. Netscape closes the window and dissappears without ANY error message

i can confirm this. especially when starting communicator (smotif-4.61, on
recent potato with 2.2.10), opening messenger, getting connectet to
mailserver (imap), downloading headers, just before mailfilter will apply
to those new mails communicator just quits.

and of course ther are all the other "features" like bus-errors, shutting
all by closing one of it's windows, any problems about communicator we hear
and write since some time .....


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