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Re: Exim config question

Most everything you need shouldbe in this article...


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Sent: Sunday, 25 July 1999 18:23
Subject: Re: Exim config question

> On 25 Jul 1999, Gary L. Hennigan wrote:
> >I'm in the process of getting a little home network set up. One of the
> >hosts, call it mach2, won't have a connection to the internet, just
> >to other hosts on my home network. The other host, call it mach1, will
> >occasionally connect to the internet via dialup. I have mach1 all set
> >up but can't seem to get mach2 to forward all the mail to mach1. In
> >fact I can't get mach2 to deliver mail directly to mach1 at all.
> >
> >What I want to do is set mach2 so that it uses mach1 as a smarthost. I
> >think I got that right in my exim.conf (configuration 2 from the
> >debian installation) but I can't seem to make it work.
> Just two ideas: Check if relay_domains is set in mach1's exim.conf and
> make sure that sender_host_reject_relay corresponds to your situation.
> I think the default setting is "sender_host_reject_relay = *", which
> would bounce all mail from mach2...
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