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Re: HELP: Ethercard Not Detected at Boot

Albert Hurd wrote:
> I have installed Debian 2.0 on a second drive, but kept Debian 1.3.1
> while I work out the bugs.  On 1.3.1, my ethernet card(3com 509c) works
> fine. I don't remember if I had to recompile the kernel to get it to
> work or not.  In 2.0, the card is not acknowledged at boot.  What do I
> do??
hmmm, did you simply upgrade your packages to get to ver 2.0 or did you
boot off a rescue floppy and install 2.0 from scratch?

If you upgraded your packages, then I should ask if you installed a
kernel-image package. This would have replaced your kernel (where you
will find the drivers for your NIC). So if you could, please share some
info on the kernel you are using: was it upgraded, do you compile your
own, and such.

Paul Miller

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