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Re: shutdown -h now : don't power off

A friend of mine, also running 2.2.10, with an ATX powersupply, hsa the same problem.
He also has this problem in windozes too.  My experience (granted a bit limited) is
that these ATX power supplies are a bit quirky.  Actually it could be something in the
motherboard too, He's got an asus p2b-s.  Come to think of it, I was having the same
trouble a few months back, but then the problem just went away.  I have the same
configuration as him, btw.  Sorry this isn't very helpful, aside for letting you know
you're not alone.

Oh, if people could either reply to the list on this issue, or also cc one to me, I'd
love to get this figured out as well.

-Aaron Solochek

Khalid EZZARAOUI wrote:

> Hi,
> I have :
>  Kernel2.2.10-1 + potato + ATX_box
>     All packages are the last.
> When i do a :
>     shutdown -h now
> or
>     halt
> my system is rebooted, but not power off.
> Wheras I set this option in the kernel.
> do someone have the same probleme are the solution ?
> Thanks.
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