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SCSI Cd-rom device name?

I got a SCSI DVD drive for my computer to use as my CD-rom drive and
expand to DVD in the future.  Well,it gets detected just find but it's
device name is /dev/sr0 (it's the first device on the chain).  Shouldn't
it be /dev/scd0 since it's basically a cd-rom drive?  When I mount
/dev/sr0 I can't use a file system format.  I can mount it alright, but
not using a filesystem to mount it has me a little worried since it's not
an ext2 filesystem.  In fact, it fails the first time I try and mount it
and resets the SCSI bus.  My guess was because the drive was sinning up
or something.  Can anyone tell me why the drive is /sev/sr0, why I
don't need a filesystem to mount the drive, or why I'm having that oddity
the first time I try and mount the drive?  TIA.


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