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Re: Multiple mail delivery.

I maybe misunderstanding your question. 
In exim, if you set the local_domains=ipandm.co.za, then exim will forward this mail as a local mail
accoring to the username. Is this what you want??

Hope this helps...

On Tue, Jul 20, 1999 at 08:46:07PM +0200, Gary van Blerk wrote:
> Hi there,
> Here's the story: I have a Debian 2.1 server, ppp connection to my ISP. I have registered a domain for mail <ipandm.co.za>
> I can retrieve mail using fetchmail without a problem. I do not have a static IP address. My server is mail.ipandm.co.za
> I have installed exim and configured it so it now accepts mail for ipandm.co.za. I would like to send mail to each user as they exist on my server.<eg stuart@ipandm.co.za to be sent to user stuart on my mail server> When I execute fetchmail it fetches all the mail from the ISP mail server for this domain and puts it into that users mailbox. I don't really mind this too much because I can schedule this type of action using cron and get that user < secretary > to forward the mail internally to the users for whom it was intended.
> Is there no way to automate this process given my current setup?
> I have looked into it quite a lot in the last 2 weeks and some info say I should try using Taylor UUCP. Others suggest I should try procmail. If anyone has tried this or has any ideas or even reference material that I could use I really would appreciate it.
> Many thanks
> Gary

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