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Re: Howto force downgrade of WINE

Pollywog wrote:
> On 19-Jul-99 Kent West wrote:
> > I figure if I can reinstall the WINE from stable, the game may start
> > working again, but apt-get won't downgrade, and as I mentioned, dpgk's
> > man page warns of dire consequences. Can anyone give me a step-by-step
> > to downgrade WINE?
> >
> > Thanks!
> What I have done in such cases is to use 'dpkg --purge <packagename>'
> and then installed the older version, but that assumes that you have the old
> packages.  I would download them from the Debian ftp site and then install
> them, after removing the unstable version with --purge.  Before you do that,
> copy a version of your wine.conf because you will need that.
> --
> Andrew

Thanks, that did it. For the record, backing up wine.conf as
wine.conf.bak is not a good idea; apparently the purge deletes that file

Also -- bummer. Apparently there was a version of WINE between stable
and the current unstable. The stable version doesn't work, and the
current unstable doesn't either. So now it's off to see if I can find
the version (981018) that does work.

Again, thanks!

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