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Re: Question?

Michael Walton wrote:
> I have looked at you site, and I was thinking about downloading the OS,
> but I was wondering if it would conflict with my current operating
> system.  I am currently running
> DOS 6.0, and Win 3.11
> I didn't know if these operating systems would cause a problem with it.
> If you could give me some Info on my question i would really appreciate
> it.
You can use Linux along with any other OS. The limitations are mainly
imposed by the amount of available disk space that you are willing to
allocate for each system, and by the skills that you have in setting up
the systems. If you want to try Debian Linux, start by giving us the
specifics of your available space, and the hardware configuration. I
STRONGLY suggest that you read the installation section on the web site,
thoroughly and ask questions before you start. Then tell us what you
want to accomplish and how you plan to set up the system. You will get
plenty of help here. 
Good Luck!
John Foster
AdVance-Computing Systems
ICQ# 19460173

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