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Re: preparing for first installation - which User's Guide?


I'm interested how could i unsubscribe from this group. It seems nothing
helps :-).

Mindaugas Genutis,
No Magic, Inc.

On Thu, 15 Jul 1999, Drew Parsons wrote:

> Hello,
> I am preparing to make my first Linux installation.  I have been studying
> fips and am now confident it will be able to cut my Windows partition down
> to size properly.
> I would have liked to install a stable version of potato (Debian 2.2), but
> the stable release seems to be delayed, so maybe it is better to stick with
> slink (Debian 2.1) for now, would you agree?
> Now, my real question is this:  would you consider it advisable to get a
> copy of the Debian User's Guide or will the information on the web be
> sufficient (I realise the book itself is on the web)?  The current
> "standard" one by Dale Scheetz dates from last October - quite "old".  But
> the new one by Goerzen and Othman is not yet available.  Will the new book
> replace and make the old one obselete?  Is it worth waiting for the new
> book?
> In case anyone is interested,  I will make the installation on my laptop, a
> Toshiba Satellite Pro 490CDT.  I prefer unix to Windows, I've done a bit of
> assistant administration of a unix machine, so I'm hoping the Debian
> installation will go smoothly enough.
> So, I looking forward to hearing anyone's opinion concerning the User
> Guides.
> Drew Parsons
> Laboratoire de Chemie Theorique
> Universite de Nancy I, B.P. 239
> 54506 Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy Cedex, France
> Fax: +33-(0)3 83 91 25 30
> Email: Drew.Parsons@lctn.u-nancy.fr
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