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Re: modem configuration

On Thu, Jul 15, 1999 at 02:22:35AM -0700, Stephen Monroe wrote:
> >Stephen Monroe writes:
> > > Using setserial I found
> > > IRQ: 3
> > > Port: 0x02f8
> >
> >That's /dev/ttyS1.  You've got a serial port there, but why are you sure
> >your modem is on it?
> When I boot to Win98 it says it's there.  I assume it's the same for both 
> partitions.

Windows tends to lie about this sometimes.  Most computers already have
ttyS0 and ttyS1 (com1 &2) built in so an internal modem normally has to go
on either ttyS2 or ttyS3 (com3 or 4) unless you've disabled one of the
internal serial ports from your bios.

> I have to modprobe ppp every time I reboot else pon says the kernel lacks 
> support for ppp.
> Also, I have to change the port the modem is on using setserial (from 0x02f8 
> to 0x100) else it won't enable the modem.
> Then i make sure isapnp /etc/isapnp.conf is running at startup.

This doesn't sound good.  Go back into isapnp.conf and choose a sane i/o
addrss, here are the mappings:

ttyS0  3f8  IRQ 4
ttyS1  2f8  IRQ 3
ttyS2  3e8  IRQ 4
ttyS3  2e8  IRQ 3

In your case it sounds like you should use 2e8 and irq3.  There are
sometimes reasons to use an unusual address or interupt but don't unless you
know what your doing.

Once you've finished setting up the isapnp.conf file try running "isapnp
/etc/isapnp.conf".  It should tell you if it suceeded or if the settings you
defined conflict with something else.  Then make sure your 0setserial file
has a line that matches.  


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