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VS: Newbie troubles: XF86Setup acts out strange

Oh, my system: Compaq Deskpro XE 466. 486/66, 32M ram, 540 hd (soon to be
doubled), on-board video, Siemens mcm 1702 monitor, Rockwell comp. 56K

Error is human; complete disaster takes a computer

> -----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
> Fra:	Wichmann, Viggo 
> Sendt:	16. juli 1999 00:18
> Til:	'debian'
> Emne:	Newbie troubles: XF86Setup acts out strange
> Hi Debians
> The 'box spent most of last night downloading stuff from debian (I just
> said yes to dselect's suggestions, in order to not meddle too much with
> dependencies) after spending all afternoon getting my modem up & running.
> No Problemo there. Wonderful program, apt is.
> Now I'm really excited to start trying to use the damn thing for
> something, but:
> I figure I have to run XF86Setup to enable the X-stuff?! 
> When I do, I get: (something like) This may take a while.
> After a short while, the screen goes light grey, first w/ stripes, then
> just grey and a black bar ~1" down left side of the screen. Que Pasa?!
> I think somewhere while installing packages I said yes to a SVGA option,
> which I know my screen is capable of. Would this have anything to do with
> it?! (I'm not even sure which program I was installing with this
> option...guess I should have taken notes...)
> Also: how do set up fetchmail to get my mail? I seem to have given the
> wrong hostname when installing...
> I tried looking in the man pages, but I didn't find it altogether clear on
> what to do.
> Think I'll go out and get a Linux-book tomorrow :-)
> Best Regards and thanx
> Vitux
> Error is human; complete disaster takes a computer

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