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Re: Potato upgrade and Perl warnings...

On Thu, Jul 15, 1999 at 05:15:29PM +0100, Phillip Deackes wrote:
> Bob Nielsen <nielsen@primenet.com> wrote:
> => 
> => Using 'apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade' appears to be safer than
> => upgrading with dselect. The offending packages are held back and
> => netscape, etc., are not marked for removal. 
> Ahh! I was wondering why I saw around four packages held back when I last
> upgraded. Thanks for that, too!!! Apt-get is truly remarkable.

I'm too paranoid to use apt-get upgrade...  at least with dselect you
actually get so see *which* packages are getting upgraded/removed/etc.
I can't see how blindly using apt-get upgrade can be safer.  Anyone
that trashes their system with dselect really should learn to pay a
bit more attention to what they do.  :)

BTW, I took a look at apt-find...  I notice on the help screen that
there appears to be no way to explicitly 'hold' a package... was that
intentional, or an oversight?


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