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Re: Centralized script ...

>> "Debian" == Debian Developer <debiandev@fmhome.fmmo.ca> wrote:

[central vs. spreaded config files]

Debian> Is this a design intention, is this a goal ?

Yes. And it is an advantage.

It is easier to handle, less error prone, and it allows for network

If your central file defines the nameservers to use in
/etc/resolv.conf as well as hardware aspects like parameters to load
the ISDN Module with, you can't distribute it network wide.

With configuration spead on multiple parts, it is easy to distribute
some of the configuration across the boxes in the LAN, allowing for
easier administration.

And as you find any configuration file in /etc/, and the files are not 
generated from a master file, it also allows you do directly apply what 
you read in a general UNIX or Linux book.

With a masterfile, you have to convert the advices you find in
e.g. HOWTOs into the way it should be inserted into this master file.

Someone cn tell you more reasons as well. Consulting dejanews will
also give you some hints, if you pick the information from the
flamewars that certainly appeared on this topic.


BTW: Fix your gecos information to list your name -> chfn

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