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public_html directories not accessable outside of LAN

Thanks to some help from people on this list, I now
have a script which posts my dynamic IP address to
a web page.  Works great; my cousin logged into
my machine from her IRIX machine at the University 

When accessing my web server from the Internet,
friends enter the dotted-quad address in the 
browsers address bar and are able to browse my
wwwroot.  Works great.

If xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx/~username is put in the 
address bar (replacing x's with dotted-quad
address), the xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx/~username
gets turned into hostname/~username and the
browser tries to add .com or .edu or .net or
whatever it thinks will work.

My hostname is not registerd, so of course
this doesn't work for internet users, 
although users on the LAN have no problem,
because that hostname is recognized on the
LAN and the domain completion is not done.

The real question is:  What is causing the 
dotted-quad to turn into a hostname?  I suspect
either something in my nameserver config, or
something in the Apache config, but I'm not
to sure where to start looking.

Anyone out there have any clues?



David Karlin
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