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RAID (Linear Mode)

All right, this may be more appropriate for the RAID mailing list, but I don't want to subscribe unless I really have to.

I am setting up a RAID in linear mode. I tried looking for more info on this, but even the latest RAID document isn't quite clear with this topic. I already have my main system and everything on one drive. I want to add two drives that are all formatted to ext2. Now, I am hoping that if I follow the "Booting From a RAID" instructions, this will work OK. And I infered that this could be done without formatting the RAID, since the guy said something like "Redhat and Debian don't support installation on RAID devices" -- thats leads you to believe you can have an already mounted fs, tack on two drives, set up the boot raid, and be set. So I won't need to format the RAID, or will I?


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