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Re: Can not setup up mouse for xfree86 (new user)

XF86Setup is a piece of crap from my experiences. First of all, you should make sure the hardware is for sure com1 and nothing else is trying to conflict. Obviously modems could interfere. If your bios definately says ``Serial #1 - IRQ 4'' or whatever, then that is settled. Second, do an ``ls -l m*'' in /dev to see what symbolic link `mouse' is hooked up to. Of course it should be /dev/ttyS0 -- since your mouse is IRQ4. Then if thats set, /etc/X11/XF86Config should have ``Microsoft'' as the mouse type under the mouse section and ``/dev/mouse'' as the device. Also GPM should be installed of course. If none of that works, then it is probably some hardware confliction or you don't have the serial enabled in the bios or something weird like that.


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