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Re: Just my opinion

All this reminds me of my printer & Ethernet card woes during the 
weekend.  I decided that I was tired of using Linux with very limited 
multimedia capabilities.  It seemed to reinforce the notion my 
Windows friends have that Linus is for servers not workstations.

I bought a SoundBlaster PCI128 card and to get that to work I had to 
upgrade from 2.0.36 which was working perfectly for months to 2.2.10. 
 I downloaded the sources and compiled the kernel. I rebooted and 
everything seemed to work fine, but I noticed that eth0 kept on 
complaining.  After connecting my laptop to the hub I realized that 
the Ethernet card in the Linux system was unhappy.  Not long 
afterwards I saw that I couldn't print either.

The Ethernet card problem was easily solved.  A reboot to Windows 
showed that Windows had somehow told it to use the wrong I/O address, 
even though PnP is turned off.  The printer was more tricky.  It 
worked fine under Windows.  After messing around with cables 
documentation and stuff I decided to strace the daemon.  I saw it try 
to talk to lp1 instead of lp0.  I looked at /etc/printcap and 
realized that I had lp1 in there.  I read some more and saw that the 
lp implementation has been changed quite a bit from the 2.0 to 2.2.  
If I had lp0 in /etc/printcap none of this would have happened.

What's my point - getting a Linux system to work perfectly requires 
patience and a lot of RTFM.  This is unlike Windows where some (but 
not all) things will work with minimal user interaction.  But the 
time I have spent making Linux work always pays off as it continues 
working with no problems.  Till I touch it again ...

Now I am going home to figure out why IP forwarding has stopped 
working with 2.2.


>The whole point is that things can work just fine. It does take a little
>patience and there's lots to learn.
>When it comes to documentation there is alot available and not just
>online. The Debian Users Guide is a must and there are many other books
>available too. Also, the Debain user help is great. People from this list
>have spent much time helping me out with little snags here and there.
>When you have troubles just ask. That is what this list is for.

>>>My printer works fine. My modem works fine. The documentation has 
>>>always been right on and the installation is a breeze.
>>Doug-- Run out and buy a Lotto ticket.  Lady luck has the hots for 
>>you! :-) --- Max

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