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Re: Enter mail, end with a single ".".


Rolf Edlund:
> Sometimes when trying to send mail, I get these message (sendmail -q -v):
>  354 Enter mail, end with a single ".".
>  >>> .
> And it just sits there, doing nothing ?

1) does it do that even if you do enter a message?

(It's expecting at the very least a set of headers, maybe giving it a
completely empty message confuses it.)

2) what MTA do you have? (ls -l /usr/sbin/sendmail)

3) you do know that this is a server, and that user-friendly mail programs
exist, don't you?

Jiri Baum <jiri@baum.com.au>
We'll know the future has arrived when every mailer transparently
quotes lines that begin with "From ", but no-one remembers why.

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