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Re: Multiple CD installation tip.

>> "Hans" == Hans van den Boogert <hansfong@mail.geocities.com> writes:

Hans> After you install the base system, put the first CD-ROM of the
Hans> Debian distribution in the tray, fire up dselect and run
Hans> 'update.'

Hans> Then take out the first CD-ROM, put in the second CD-ROM and do
Hans> an 'update' again. If dpkg comes back with the message that info
Hans> on 2250 packages has been updated you're there.

Hans> Use the slash and backslash to find what you want and the fun
Hans> can begin. If the package you want to install is on the other
Hans> CD-ROM dkpg will ask for it.

Addition: And one has to remember to use the "multi-cd" access method, 
not "cdrom".


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