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Re: NFS Installation

The format is:


So, for example, if the server theserver.net exports the NFS filesystem
/debian-install, you would specify the filesystem like this:


or use the IP address, if you have not set up DNS:

You understand that you will have to configure the server that provides
the NFS filesystem, right?  In other words, there is not some debian.org
site that provides this service.  I hope this helps.


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>>> Rodrigo Fernandes de Mello - posgrad/98 - SDR <mello@dc.ufscar.br> 07/04 10:09 AM >>>
Hi,We have encountered some problems regarding configuring NFS in Debian
system. We haven't got parameters about server and the notation used, in
the screen "Choose Debian NFS Filesystem".
If you could help us, we appreciate.

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