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Re[2]: The vexed 2-CD problem...

Brad <lists@anomie.dhis.org> wrote:

> i guess that's why we should take notes? Ah well, i did almost the same
> thing (in my case everything via Ethernet, kicked it from hamm to frozen
> slink to potato)

Notes....hmmm, I remember those. <g>

> Mine only has scripts for gom and nethack, neither of which i ever use...

Sounds like I'm in the clear as far as that goes. 

> Congradulations!

Thanks! I like a good solid positive attitude. <g>

Now as to the abovementioned 'vexed problem,' since I'm the resident Debian
advocate where I hang out, has any progress been made on the two-cd thing? Do
they work now?

Bob Bernstein                http://members.home.net/ruptured-duck
Esmond, Rhode Island, USA
"RMS's "curmudgeon-like" griping that he didn't like the term "Open
Source" looked silly to many last year; it's not looking so dumb
today..." Christopher B. Browne

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