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Of news readers, slurpers, and servers...

I'm looking for suggestions on how to handle newsreading
on my new debian linux workstation. =). I'm leaving forte Agent
behind in the windows world and am a little sad to see it
go, but here are my initial questions about unix newsreaders...

First of all, is there are way to set up a local news server
and slurp messages from my ISPs newsserver down to the local
one?  I'm pretty sure slrn is what I want to do the slurping,
but I'm not sure what I should use for my local server. Preferences

If the above isn't Possible, is there an all in one viewing
solution that runs under X and can handle multiple servers?

Given that my priorities are roughly:
1. Handles multiple news servers.
2. Can mark messages as "special" (so I don't loose the good ones).
3. Looks good. =)

What would be my best news reader?

Thanks for all the help! You guys are a blast!
-Jonathan Lupa

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