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Re:routing problem?

I have problem connecting to my ISP.
I am new to debian having used (mostly) Red Hat; I am using 5.2 with exmh
and sendmail to generate this.  The problem stems from trying to set up a
gateway between my local network (via eth0) and the Internet ppp0
i.e. this computer has two names and two i/p addresses.

dialing out (e.g. using pon) connects ok to my ISP and negotiates PPP
but fails after that.
The log says:
using interface ppp0
connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/ttyS1
not replacing existing default route to sl0 []
cannot determine ethernet address for proxy ARP
local i/p address <my static ISP address>
remote i/p address <ISP gateway address>
terminating on signal 15

The reference to sl0 is presumably diald.
Could anybody give my a pointer please.

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