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E-mail for dummies - part 2

Thanks for the response guys. Sofar I understand that....

qmail and fetchmail are MTAs (Mail Transfer Agents), right?

fetchmail downloads messages from a pop3/imap server and puts them into the
local mail delivery system. (Besides, where do the messages end up and in
what form?)

Then exim (Mail Delivery Agents) delivers the mail to local users (I
presume in /home/username) after which the MUA (Mail User Agents, like
XFMail or some other marvel).

So what about sending mail then? Using 'smail' sounds obvious, but how does
the route from MUA to the SMTP server go.

I've installed fetchmail and exim, but haven't had time to read the man
pages. Does anybody have a good way to convert man pages into readable
ASCII text, so I can print them out and read them off-line? (The purchasing
of a notebook is still in the pipeline, so printing will have to do for now

-- Hans

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