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Slink Problem

    I've installed (finally!) Debian 2.1 on an 486 w\a VESA ISA
motherboard & a 16450 UART serial card (I think).  Now, unhappily, Slink
will not detect my modem, a Diamond Supra 288i SP, which previously
worked just fine on Windows.
    I've run wvdial.conf, but it too detects no modem.  It tells me ttyS0
runs my mouse driver, which is correct, but that "nothing" is present at
ttyS1, 2, or 3.  Setserial -a tells me that ttyS1 is set up for 115200
bps (normal), 16450 UART, and IRQ 3.  Dmesg says I have Serial Driver
4.13 with no options enabled.
    If anyone has some advice, please respond to maxalbert@juno.com. 
Thanks-- Max Albert

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