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Re: What DO you lose with Linux ???


Sami Dalouche:
> > The operative word being `need to'. It'd be a very good feature indeed
> > if the e-mail client checked the size of the message and said, when
> > appropriate, something along the lines of "this is an unusually large
> > message by Internet standards; are you sure? (y/N)" and popped up a
> > wizard for other ways of transferring the file.
> Hey ! Writing such a software for Windows os OK and usual but do not
> begin to do this under Linux !

Actually, I think I *was* talking about Windows, but why not Linux? (OK,
apart from the pop-up-wizard bit...)

Every mailer I've seen has a send/abort/headers/whatever screen just before
the message goes off. In elm, most of the screen is blank for that! It'd be
just as easy to use that part of screen for netiquette warnings.

(I think tin - the newsreader - does that for postings. After you compose a
post, when it's asking you whether you want to post/quit/edit/pgp, it often
shows a message saying "your post exceeds 78 columns; people may have
trouble with that; the first line to exceed 78 columns is: `...'" or
something on those lines.)

> > It's one thing to send Christmas gifs to people that are a couple of
> > hundred bytes long; it's quite a different story when it's a huge,
> > uncompressed bitmap which does exactly the same job. Sadly, in most
> > e-mail clients either would be just a filename, with no immediate
> > indication of how big it really is.
> If u insist to have a such function, maybe Mutt can do that...

That's where it belongs, isn't it? (Well, maybe there should be a
standalone version of that program, too - you'd give it a prepared message
and it'd give back any warnings, with exit code 0 for OK, 1 for minor faux
pas, etc.)

Jiri Baum <jiri@baum.com.au>
We'll know the future has arrived when every mailer transparently
quotes lines that begin with "From ", but no-one remembers why.

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