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RE: gnome session-panel & X problems

I don't have an .xsession file, or mabye I dleted it in trying to clense the
problem. I deleted all the X related hidden stuff. .gnome* and such. I tried
to get it to revert to defaults to see if that would help, but it doesn't.
Seems like gnome doesn't understand i want to exit!! Well, I thought the
problem was sound (trying to play a sound on exit and getting stuck) ..but i
got sound working and thats not the case. I've removed and reinstalled gnome
too.Hmm ..to be continued. Anyone else see this problem?


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brendon@pangeaconsulting.com writes:

<< I installed gnome and e. The session panel doesn't seem to load up. All i
 can do is right click and middle click.>

What does your .xsession file say?  You might not have panel listed as 
booting up.

< Also, another problem i'm having with X:
 	When I Log out, the window manager closes, (the borders and such
 disapear) but the system doesn't return to gdm. It sits in X till i press
 ctrl-alt-bkspc. Anyone know why this might be? I can't figure it out. >>

Why not just start an xterm and use the shutdown command?  There's not
anything you can't do in X that you can in console.  Hope this helps.

Colin Winters

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