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Re: New drive

Stephan A Suerken wrote:
> Nils Rennebarth <nils@ipe.uni-stuttgart.de> writes:
> > You should not 'copy the partitions'. Don't know what ghost is, but I doubt
> > it supports the ext2 filesystem.
>  With GNU cp, copying whole partitions is ok via "cp -a", so tar
> is not needed (if one can mount both partitions simultaneously).
>  There is also a mini HOWTO to this subject called
> /usr/doc/HOWTO/mini/Hard-Disk-Upgrade.*

There is also information about moving a tree in Linux Gazette #22 in the
answer guy column, it explains how to move your /usr tree without a problem.

Rather than booting from a floppy and then changing things it is easiest just
to edit fstab to switch mount points for the old and new trees of which ever
directory tree /usr, /home etc. that you are moving. 

I have done it twice now and it worked beautifully. I did not move the root of
the filesystem though, that's still on the original drive. 

There is a truth to the statement that programs and data will expand to fill
any and all available disk space :-)

Colin Johnson
Colin Johnson. cjohnson@interlog.com
Remember, Everything you see on screen is but ones and zeros.

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