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Re: how to reset the text mode?

possibly try kill -TERM pid_of_getty or kill -KILL pid_of_getty . . . 
the gettys should be respawned by init when they go down.


On Wed, 30 Jun 1999, Mario Olimpio de Menezes wrote:

> Hi,
> 	I have a box which had its text console frozen by some X app.
> The screen froze on exiting from fvwm95 and nothing works since then:
> can't switch to VT using Crtl+Alt+Fn or kill X using Crtl+Alt+Backspace. 
> 	My only solution was to start xdm from another machine so that I
> can log in locally. 
> 	Now, I can have fvwm95 running again, but VT aren't usable. They
> are frozen with pieces of fvwm95 screen and other patterns.
> 	How can I reset the text mode console so that my VT (F1-F6) get
> usable again? I tried kill -HUP pid_of_getty but didn't help. 
> 	I can even login in the VT but reset didn't help. The screen is
> rock frozen.
> 	Any suggestion?
> 	Thanks.
> []s,
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