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Re: Exim Problem (I think....)

On Wed, Jun 30, 1999 at 06:47:38AM -0400, Didi Damian wrote:

> Well, it works for me. I'm using kernel 2.2.10. When setting up
> fetchmail, I couldn't get it to work so, after reading these posts,
> I downgraded to slink exim (2.05). Then I realized I had fetchmailrc
> wrong and re-installed exim 3.02-1. It's working fine.  My kernel is
> compiled without IPV6 support.

I can back this up. I'm also running kernel 2.2.10(-ac5) with no IPv6
support, and Exim (3.02-1) is working fine here also.

Having seen the recent problems with Exim being posted to the list, I
thought that was my problem when my outgoing mail stopped working the
other day, however after some poking around I discovered it was in
fact Mutt looking for sendmail (and failing) that was my problem. This
is a known bug in Mutt, and the solution is listed in the Debian bug
database with the bug report.

Matthew Gregan                                  kinetik@ihug.co.nz

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