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vpn(?) and firewall

I'd like to use my old 486 box as a firewall.

Here are my questions:

1) It's a 33MHz with 8Mb RAM, can it do the job? There will be two other
machines (Win98, Debian G/L) on my home network.
2) How do I physically set this up? I've found info on the software
setup, but nothing about hardware. More details:
..a) InterNet-facing line is cable which goes to cable "MODEM"
..b) From "MODEM" to 10baseT Ethernet Hub.
..c) From hub to:
....1) Win98 box (which is why I want the firewall; it's not mine!)
....2) Debian GNU/Linux laptop (which is not always connected)
3) Does the firewall box need to be between the "MODEM" and the hub or
can it be parallel to the two machines now on the hub?
4) If it is upstream of the hub, then do I need two NICs? Or is there a
special kind of NIC that I should use?

Thanks in advance,

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