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Re: New windows

On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Tim Nicholas wrote:

> actually while i use and like WindowMaker i think that the look and feel of win9x is the best thing that M$ ever did. Which may not be saying much but still the L&F is alot better than the underlyeing crap that they write. 
> > Hi
snip> > I came from MS Windows to Linux a few months ago. I was tired of 
crashes and ....snip....users "secretly" have missed the look and feel of MS 

For my x environment I went for icewm after trying afterstep. Tkdesk?
Like the afterstep menu bar is a little brash isn't it? Icewm
is just at the point of developing the full desktop icon idea which is 
fun to play with.  aaagh. just open an xterm and fire up what you want to 

yours not too puritanically i hope

angus claydon

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