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Re: Configuring exim

On Mon, Jun 14, 1999 at 07:33:54PM +0100, Alisdair McDiarmid wrote:
> I'm using Demon Internet as my ISP, as you can probably guess.
> Demon automatically sends email via SMTP if the port is open (as
> far as I can tell), but there is now an optional POP3 service
> available. Since I'd much rather use fetchmail on its own than
> fetchmail and exim, I'd like to configure exim to not receive mail
> from Demon's servers. I can't work out how to do this from the
> exim docs - can anyone help?

There is an option named sender_host_reject which might be what you need.
Alternatively, if you're running exim from inetd you can use the tcpd wrapper
and use hosts.allow and hosts.deny to deny incoming connection from other
sites (see hosts_access(5)).

But I am not sure it is the right thing to do, why wouldnt you want to receive
mail directly?


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