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Re: Networking problems!

On Mon, 26 Apr 1999, Pablo Longhi Lorenzzoni wrote:

 : Hello Debianners!!!
 :         This time I am writing to get a solution to my problem. Here is
 : it:
 :         Since I have upgraded Debian (hamm to slink through
 : APT-GET), a boot message bothers me. Since it had not showed any
 : problems, I leave it there without questioning where did it come from!
 :         This message was:
 :         ¨SIOCADDRT: Operation not supported by device¨
 :         Now I am trying to get my Debian box to work to an (argh!!!)
 : Windowze box through a null modem with a PPP interface. I am too early
 : in the system yet, but, when I tryed to install a routing entry in my
 : route table using:
 :         ¨route add -net¨
 :         My Debian box returns the same message: ¨SIOCADDRT: ....¨.
 :         So, I start to ¨hunt¨ where the first message was coming from,
 : and I have discovered that it comes from /etc/init.d/network, which is
 : as simple as this:
 :         ¨#! /bin/sh¨
 :         ¨ifconfig lo¨
 :         ¨route add -net¨
 :         So... please... if there is anyone who can tell what is going
 : on and how to fix it I would really appreciate.

If you're using a 2.2 kernel OR a 2.1 kernel later than, oh, 2.1.89 or
thereabouts (that's a guess), the route commands for local networks are
no longer necessary.  Comment them out of /etc/init.d/network and you'll
be fine.

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