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Re: initrd and booting SCSI

On Thu, 10 Jun 1999, Gareth wrote:

> G'day Just a quick point me in the right direction question.
> I am trying to get my system to boot from the SCSI disk and pass some 
> parameters to the kernel (mem=128M is one of them)
> however I cannot get it to boot from the SCSI disk! (it hangs at LI)

I had this problem exactly (but with additional parameters, and AFAIK your
syntax is wrong for mem=, or is not what I found in the doco).

The LILO User's Guide says it's caused by a geometry mismatch.  In my case
it was not that, and I fixed it by setting boot=/dev/sda instead of
putting the boot sector on a primary Linux partition.  (Someone recently
wondered out loud on this list why anyone would put LILO on the MBR...)

Probably the cause, if not a geometry mismatch, is corruption of the MBR. 
You might try lilo -u or lilo -U to uninstall LILO, and start again.  Or
restore it from your backup if lilo refuses these requests.  Or boot
another operating system -- e.g. use Microsoft's FDISK with the /MBR
option.  You should then be able to put LILO on the boot sector of a
primary Linux file system, e.g. boot=/dev/sda1. Or if you are nervous
about a dd onto /dev/sda, just install LILO on the MBR, i.e. 

My take on the mem= parameter is that I need

		append="mem=0x10000000 ..."

for 256 MB of RAM.  Maybe decimal megabyte parameters are okay; I'm just
going by what I read. 

> I have checked and double checked the LILO stuff and disk partions.
> I have been told I shoud use a 2 stage bootup with initrd to load SCSI
> stuff to boot from the SCSI disk. (I am currently using a bootfloppy)

Okay, in full I have

	append="mem=0x10000000 reboot=warm aha152x=0x340,10,7,1"

but that is only because I have a second SCSI adapter.  I think the first
should be probed.  I.e. you should not need a 2 stage bootup with initrd
to load the SCSI driver to boot from the SCSI disk.  IMHO.

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