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Re: initrd and booting SCSI

Gareth wrote:
> G'day Just a quick point me in the right direction question.
> I am trying to get my system to boot from the SCSI disk and pass some
> parameters to the kernel (mem=128M is one of them)
> however I cannot get it to boot from the SCSI disk! (it hangs at LI)
> I have checked and double checked the LILO stuff and disk partions.
> I have been told I shoud use a 2 stage bootup with initrd to load SCSI
> stuff to boot from the SCSI disk. (I am currently using a bootfloppy)
> Is this correct and if so is there a HOWTO or some more advice on
> this. I have read the initrd HOWTO but found it confusing more than
> helpful to this situation.

Do you have IDE and scsi? If you do, you should have your bios set for
booting scsi and you must tell LILO about it. Edit you lilo.conf and add
the lines so it realizes your disk order.


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