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Re: Another Newbie Q : Sound Configuration

Andrew J Fortune wrote:
> Hi all,
> What is the best way to configure my sound card in Debian Linux ?

I'd like to piggy-back on this thread if I may. I've been unable to get
sound working since I made the transition to Debian about six months
ago. It hasn't been a major issue for me, but now that I'm out of
school, there are several things I'd like to accomplish for the summer.
Sound is one of them.

I have a AWE 64 that's PNP. From Windows, the resources it's using are:

  16-bit audio:

    IRQ 09
    DMA 01
    DMA 07
    I/O 0240-024F
    I/O 0300-0301
    I/O 0388-038B


    I/O 0640-0643
    I/O 0A40-0A43
    I/O 0E40-0E43

  Game port:

    I/O 0200-0207

I've tried to follow the instructions for setting up sound, but without
success. I've been able to compile kernels (pre-2.2.0) under other
dists, but Debian has been a no-go for me.

Any pointers *greatly* appreciated
                                         __   _
Mark Wagnon             Debian GNU/ -o) / /  (_)__  __ ____  __    
Chula Vista, CA                     /\\/ /__/ / _ \/ // /\ \/ /   
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