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I am impressed with Debian!

It's happened to me before (under hamm, but not slink) and it was find running.

I don't why it ran find but it was a pain in the ass.

I haven't had the problem for a while.

May be there's some process running that lokks for something in a default loctaion and then if it can't get it there forks a find to try to locate it.

I suspected TkDesk when this happened to me, but that could have been unfounded.

caveat: this may have nothing to do with the problem you have!


From: Gregory Wood <gwood@farsweb.com>
To: Patrick Colbeck <pat.colbeck@esc.azlan.co.uk>
CC: Barry Kauler <bkauler@cowan.edu.au>, debian-user@lists.debian.org
Subject: Re: I am not impressed with Debian so far.
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 09:45:51 -0500

Patrick Colbeck wrote:

> Hey, my hard drive did the sudden thrashing thing last night too. Its
> never done it before (well it has in NT but not in Linux). All I was
> doing was reading mail remotely over a dialup line using xemacs in a
> kterm in KDE 1.1.1 (from snowcrash). It stopped after a while (about 4
> minutes) and has been fine since. This never happened before in RedHat
> or with Hamm. Is this a KDE thing perhaps ?. I am running on an AST M
> series Laptop which has 48Mb ram and a 2GB Linux partition with about
> 1300MB free and a 92MB swap file.
> Pat
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It sounds like a 'cron' job was running.

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