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Re: hello!!! (install source)

On Fri, Jun 04, 1999 at 06:49:52PM -0600, slayer wrote:
>, I could just find readme-files.......and I would like
> you to tell me if I can download it anywhere.......for free.........mail me
> back please

Installation files are available via http or ftp from:


so typing the address:
in your web browser will give a listing of files available.

install.txt should explain what files you'll need where to get them
and what you need to do with them.

If you're still stuck, I've got installation floppies for Hamm
(Debian release 2.0 current release is "Slink" or 2.1).  I'll 
send them for the cost of postage (what ever that is ???)

Good Luck!

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