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Re: I worry...

On Wed, Jun 02, 1999 at 10:44:57PM -0500, Christian Dysthe wrote:
> Please tell me I am wrong! :) 

Not that this is any real consolation to you, but pessimistically
speaking, everyone takes the same risk when depending on any piece of
technology.  Unless you are the maintainer of that technology (and
with free software at least that is a possibility) you are depending
on the continued existence and prosperity of some other entity.  What
happened (or is happening) to shops which "standardized" OS/2?

So, you are at least not any worse off than anyone else, in truth you
(all free software users, actually) are much better off because it is
far more likely for a company to go under (even MS or RedHat) than it
is for a hundreds of loosely affiliated developers to all loose
interest in Debian at the same time.  Observe that GNU and the FSF has
essentially been in existence for much longer than most software

If your concern is strong enough, hire or train developers and
administrators, contribute to the system to help ensure its
perseverance and *make* yourself right!

My 2 cents,

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