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Re: help! install with DOS-lost HD on boot

In <3756847B.D1286D17@someotherplace.org>, on 06/03/99 
   at 01:34 PM, David Coe <david.coe@someotherplace.org> said:

>kaynjay@igalaxy.net wrote:
>> Home with the school computer for summer... I wanted to redo my drive layout
>> due to very limited space, squeezing out OS/2 and Windows for Linux.  I've
>> lost my Linux drives, though.  I am hoping someone could point out where I
>> screwed up, and suggest a way to avoid reinstalling (or doing it right ;).

>If you haven't written to those ext2 partitions since the screw-up, you
>*should* be able to recover...

>So now your partition table is correct, right?  All you should have to do is
>edit your lilo.conf and run lilo to install it.  *Something* like the 
>following is probably what you need.  Post your previous lilo.conf here and
>maybe we can figure out what you did wrong the first time.


Thanks for the response.  I rebooted from the DOS partition onto the
installation disk last night, remounted the (existing) partitions, then ran
the installation script to have LILO automatically boot Linux.  This worked
to get me back into Linux on rebooting, and I followed the same procedure as
before, modifying lilo,conf (which looked just like yours in the post), and
viola!, DOS booted as desired.  No problems now.

I have NO idea why there was a problem in the first place, unless there was
some mishap due to the way cfdisk set the HD for DOS and the way DOS sets the
drive.  After the partitioning/installation of Linux, the original report
from the DOS floppy was 90 Mb, then 100+ after format.  That was the point
where things fell apart.  I suspect differences in Linux's and DOS's views of
the partition.

Thanks again!


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