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Re: GNOME installation screw-up

I just installed Gnome today, without having any clue what I was doing.
I put "exec gnome-session" in the .xsession file, copying what
Matthew said.  (I suppose copying someone who's having problems
may not be the best thing to do, but what the heck.)
My .xsession-errors tells me "gnome-session not found", and
indeed there's no such thing on my system.  I did install
all of the non-developmental Gnome-related packages.
dpkg -S gnome-session tells me "not found", though I can't find
the -S switch on the dpkg man page so I may be confused
about that too.

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> >> "MMD" == Matthew Myers Davis <mmd@nwe.ufl.edu> writes:
> MMD> a) why X won't start as root (the account with "exec
> MMD> gnome-session" in the .xsession file)
> Check ~/.xsession-errors for clues about why it didn't start properly.

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