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Re: Further question re. dpkg and apt (was: Re: GNOME Installation)

> >M> I'm trying to install GNOME by hand, and I need to install
> >M> libgnome32 to continue.  When I try to install it, I am told that
> >M> it depends on having libgnomeui32 installed.  But when I try to
> >M> install that, it says i need to already have libgnome32 in.
> >
> >You have to install these packages simultaneously. with dpkg -i
> >package1 package2.
> >
> >SO the best thing is to copy all files into a directory (in /tmp or
> >such), and run dpkg -i *.deb
> Q1: Does this solve the dependency problems on the fly? 
> Q2: Can you use a similar syntax with apt? If so, what is that syntax?

Apt does not install packages, it passes them dpkg.  yes, dpkg should handle
the deps here (you will see warnings that should clear up).

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