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Re: what is

	Subject: what is
	Date: Tue, Jun 01, 1999 at 02:25:46PM -0500

In reply to:Craig Hancock

Quoting Craig Hancock(craig.hancock@inteiipost.com):
> I need information on FBCON and GGI what I am trying to so is get
> ATI Rage 128 card to work what I was told was to use GGI or fbcon but
> what I did was installed frame buffer support for the cad that I had and
> used the standard SVGA xserver. My real question is is there a beneifit
> to using this instead of SVGA server
> Next question in the configuration it ask me to but in my lilo file
> vga=ask
> How do I get it to take up the whole screen. Because it seems in text
> mode instewad of in X that it shift to the center and won'e go all the
> way to the left of the screen

Enter teach a man to fish mode:

rgrep FBCON /usr/src/linux/Doc*/* , Shows that there is info there.
rgrep -i ggi /usr/src/linux/Doc*/*  Shows even more!

Exit teach mode:

As I recall, when I first compiled my kernel for FBCON, I was able to
find all the information I needed to set it up, starting at the above

Enter example mode: 
Image    = /boot/Slink-2.2.9
  label  = Slink2.2.9
  Root   = /dev/hdb2
  VGA    = 0x317
  append  = "hdd=cdrom lp=parport0 parport=0x378,none"
Exit example mode:


A language that doesn't affect the way you think about programming is
not worth knowing.
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