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RE: why make partitions?

I used to wonder the samething. When I started using Linux, I always wonder
why partition a disk to use the same OS on all the partitions. Then I made a
big boo boo and hosed system and re-installed all 500MB of downloads again,
that took over a week to get!! So, I decided to try the partition and I even
dedicated partition to only hold .debs and .tars and all downloaded stuff
like that. So then nexted time I hosed my system, I used the floppies to
install the /root system and bam. /usr was the and all the link where fixed
and I had my same set up in 20 minutes that took weeks to build.

I know this didn't answer the technical reason, but it sure is great if your
prone to experimention and complete system hosing.


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> The best reason I can ever come up with for creating separate partitions
> is to
> allocate space which can't be spared: eg. create a separate /home so users
> with
> accounts on the system can't screw up the system by filling up the disk or
> so that
> runaway log files can't fill up / and screw things up.
> Remco van 't Veer wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Is the any technical reason why I should fdisk an extra IDE hdd and
> > not mkfs the whole thing at ones?  Apart from: "hdb: unknown partition
> > table" at boot time everything works perfectly..
> >
> > Any thoughts?
> >
> > Regards,
> > Remco
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