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Re: Samba Problems

> I've had samba working on my network, allowing my nt box to see my unix home directories.  However, I had to reorganize my NT box (server) and ended up reinstalling to free up a hd.  When I did this, I changed the domain from PRI_NT_DOMAIN to WINDOWS.  I changed the appropriate line in the /etc/smb.conf, but I'm unable to connect from winnt.  I get the following error when I try: \\Debian2 is not accessible.  Network path not found.
> Does anyone know how to fix this, and/or what it means?  It seems to make no since since debian2 is showing up in the neighorhood network.

Had the same prob.... But I had to change in the smb.conf

security = server

Don't know what your smb.conf looks like... but the very much saing M$ errormsg was the same...

bye haymo

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