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R: RealTek8139

>machine 1(client)
>K6-2 366
>AOpen AP5T-3 i430TX
>Realtek 8139
>machine 2(server)
>Shuttle HOT 569A i430TX
>Realtek 8139
>i booted both into dos mode with a bootdisk and ran the ethernet card's
>diagnostics program.  set machine 1 to recieve, and machine 2 to transmit
>packets..I got to about 30MBit ..BUT when i went the other way..I got
>about 10Mbit..they are connected through a Netgear 100BaseT hub(does not
>support 10baseT).................but i think its these $14 ethernet cards
that i
>got.  the only (logged) error i get with this card is:
>messages.0:882:May 28 16:44:51 aphro kernel: eth0: Transmit timeout,
>status 0d 0000 media 00.

In my systems there are no log........and the speed is the same in both
I'm using a 3Com Hub TP800.

>when im transferring very large files, win95 locks up for a moment while
>it recovers(linux never does) and the transfer continues..can happen
>several times during a large transfer.  from my ifconfig stats, 1 in 5
>packets is a collision.  the collisions are there wether im going
>win95-to-linux or win95-to-win95..cept i have nothing that can record
>collisions in 95.

Under Win95 i've no crash and no locks up but a higher number of collision
check the configuration of your netcard in the system menu and set it to use
FullDuplex 100Mbs. Disable auto-mode.

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