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Re: Non-X11 jpeg viewer desired

On Sat, 29 May 1999, Laurent PICOULEAU wrote:

> > > zgv but it uses svgalib

someone writes:
::That's a problem?

> Two possible problems :
>  - first : your graphic card must be supported or you'll be limited to
> standard VGA modes (i.e. 320x240 to get 256 colors...)
>  - second : I think it has to be suid root to be useable by user other than
> root but you should verify this point as I'm not sure.

I will confirm that your card must be supported or you will be
limited to VGA. However, you will find that your card may be
supported and you will still have to use VGA, because the
"support"  doesn't work.

You do not have to be root to run zgv. I do it every day with my
2.0 system here at home. I use the default zgv and libvga
installations, save only setting the libvga.config by hand for 
vga :(.

David Teague, dbt@cs.wcu.edu
Debian GNU/Linux Because software support is free, timely,
                 useful, technically accurate, and friendly.
                        (Thanks guys!)

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